Busting Laundry Myths

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Generation after generation doing laundry has never been an easy task. However, as the years passed, the myths that came along with generations of washing and drying still seem to play an important role in most of our laundry decisions. So, here we are,is busting some of those myths and hoping for wiser and healthier laundry decisions in the future.

Stains of Chocolate and mango do not go.

Chocolate and mango leave stains that are very stubborn and difficult to remove. A lot of people have a misconception that these stains do not go, however if cleaned on time or sent for dry cleaning the stains get cleaned easily making your cloth item look just as it did before.

How can chocolate be evil in any way? Wash well - and its stains shall go away!

How can chocolate be evil in any way? Wash well – and its stains shall go away!

Washing Jeans too often 

Jeans should be washed as less as possible as it retains its texture and still feels new. The CEO of Levi’s Jeans Co. stated that he rarely washes his jeans and jeans can go without washing for over one year. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? It’s true though.



Putting extra detergent for cleaner clothes

Extra detergent does not affect the cleanliness of the clothes, no matter how much detergent one puts while washing clothes the clothes will get cleaned just the way it did while washing it the right amount.

Keep the bubbles for the bathtubs guys!

When you spill red wine on your white shirt, race to the sink and start rubbing. 

Rubbing isn’t going to save that top! usually people have a misconception that rubbing clothes instantly will clean the item completely. In fact it makes it worse, rubbing starts to tear clothes and makes them look old. Instead, grab some salt and toss it on the stain as soon as possible.

A red wine spill doesn't kill!

A red wine spill doesn’t kill!

Soaking clothes overnight removes stains

Stains are one of the most heartbreaking things that can happen to your clothes and Soaking overnight is not necessary to remove stains. Just make a cleaning paste depending on the type of stain and washing it post application of the paste for some time will do the work more effectively.

Tell those who harp on soak soak soak, that that’s just a hoax hoax hoax!

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