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What’s the first thing you miss about home when you shift to another city, I know the first answer that most of you will have is “food” and yes granted that food is important but there are other things too. Remember how you used to come home and throw clothes around and some would pick them up for you and wash them and they would magically appear clean in your closet? Yes having your laundry done is one big luxury. Every time we go home our bags are full of dirty clothes that we have piled up so we can take them home to get washed, making our bags heavy and baggage allowance less. Or if we do find a maid we constantly fight with her to wash our clothes properly and shout at her that our whites need to be washed separately and somehow she always manages to get colour on them. If she does manage to follow all this correctly there is also the problem for her not coming to wash your clothes regularly, leaving you high and dry at the end moment when you need to wear a particular dress or shirt and it hasn’t been washed.

Having gone through similar woes of bad laundry services and constant fights with our maids we decided to come up with a way that would make student life easier, we came up HelloDhobi – company that offers on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service.

For Kunal Sachanandani one of our co-founders the idea for company was a result of the hardships he faced with his maid for not washing the clothes properly, being irregular etc. He wanted to start an endeavor that would make the consumers life easier and a product/service that would have a recurring use. Arman Verma the other founder of the company agrees that for students living away from home, laundry is a big hassle. He feels that when maids hand-wash clothes, there’s a lot of loss of quality in the fabric threads due to the type of beating and hanging they do and even machine wash don’t produce satisfying results. He says that it’s not just about getting the clothes washed; even the aftermath in terms of drying them, folding them is very tedious process. As a student he tried using the local laundromat services also, but even more problems emerged, it was a long walk to these shops while carrying loads of clothes in unkind weather. As people with a lot of workload, students don’t have the time or the energy to go through this tiresome ritual. Hence, as an outcome of all this HelloDhobi was born.


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We went through thorough research before setting up the company and realized as we looked through the market that there was no big player as such, all the other players in the laundry business were just in their starting phase or were not convenient enough for consumers. One key advantage we at HelloDhobi had was that we were part of the demographic we were looking to target -students, bachelors and young professionals. Coming in from this perspective, we knew exactly what we would want to see in a door to door on demand laundry service, and by extension figured what people would like to have in a laundry service. Though establishing a base in the highly competitive laundry market wasn’t very easy for, but as we understood their target market better than their competitors, we have been able to occupy a unique position in the market within a very short span of time.

Our main focus at this moment is to educate the consumers about the on-demand concept and make them realize the efficiency of the service, for this we offer trials of the service and discounts to people who help them spread the word about their service.

For all those out there who haven’t experienced the service you must try it, if you thought ordering food was easiest thing add laundry service also to your list cause we pick them up, clean them and drop them off… your clothes are ready to be put in your closet, what more can you want?

Speed clean, super clean.

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