Door-to-door: Your Laundry’s Journey at HelloDhobi

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Clothes are very dear to all of us. Have you ever wondered how clean your clothes actually are? How much dirt is actually still left on them? You often leave your expensive clothes in the hands of your maids or local dhobis who spoil delicate pieces of fabric. Here at HelloDhobi we function a bit differently. We try and make a simple process like laundry as professional as possible, leaving your clothes clean and smelling fresh. Our process is simple and our ideology is even simpler. Our aim is to provide you with the best service possible and try to be as hospitable as we can.

The process starts by you scheduling a simple pick up and our field executive gets your clothes from you to our processing hubs across Pune.

He weighs and counts your clothes right in front of you and seals them in a HelloDhobi Bag. It’s a true door to door service. We audit your clothes and tag each one of them according to your unique customer IDs thus ensuring that there is no confusion or mix up in the orders. Without taking the slightest chance of a stain we segregate these garment according to their color.




The white and blacks are kept separately and so are the lighter and darker colours. All these clothes are washed in separate batches in industrial washing machines.

Here the quality of the fabric and its nature is treated with a lot of care – our process actually elongates the life of your fabric as compared to a maid or local dhobi. These freshly washed clothes are then processed in a hydro extractor and are finally dried in a tumble dryer ensuring that the clothes are neither moist nor damp. This process leaves your clothes clean, dry and fresh.

Finally your items are folded and packed separately in butter-paper with blue ribbon while a simultaneous quality check is done in order to make sure we do not falter at any point during our service. Your clothes are then delivered to your doorstep with a hope that our services touched your heart, via your clothes!

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  • Vinay Kumar says:

    You people have your own plant or u are also outsourcing the process from others.

    • Arman Verma says:

      Hello Vinay,

      We use a mix of both. To test out new geographies we usually outsource. Wherever the process is outsourced, we follow very strict product usage and quality guidelines. Before being packed for delivery, clothes always go through an internal quality check process.

  • Ajit Kumar says:

    I have 5 years Experience in Laundry services at store level and one and half years as laundry ops. manager at e-commerce bases company. if you have opening regarding Laundry pls contact me at this number 8750137391.

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