Manual Scrubbing Is Murder, Stop it!

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Clean clothes immediately conjure up images of manual scrubbing and it is time we break this tradition – this is a myth which is begging to be busted as soon as possible. Lately, several television commercials talk about just rinsing clothes in detergent rather than scrubbing them with soap and I bet neither your maid nor your mother will agree to them. The old tradition of scrubbing clothes is so prominent even today that people refuse to believe that over-washing and too much scrubbing actually does more harm than good – it may feel like a better cleaning process but you are just reducing the life span of your cloth strand by strand.

Scrubbing clothes spoils the fabric leading to clothes tearing, getting spots and blemishes and also becoming course.

This ruins the look of your outfit, making it dull and faded. Banning those blue soaps on delicate fabric is the key to keep your wardrobe as well as your hands intact for years.




There are just an unimaginable number of types of fabrics available in the market and no two fabrics can be treated the same way.

Nylon just has to be rinsed while cotton has to be scrubbed and is easy to wash. On the other hand silk is very sensitive and has to be washed with a lot of care, while woollens take time to dry and if not dried properly they start to smell. All these fabrics are unique in nature and their characteristics need to be understood and taken care of. Fabric stains are very common especially with children. Chocolate, mud, food and grease tend to leave irreparable stains. However, scrubbing is not the right way to remove them. Rather, rinsing the stain with water immediately and cleaning it with a stain remover will do a better job and will make sure that your clothes will not wither away.

Time has come to break mindless traditions and start new trends. Our clothes make us look good, the least we can do is take proper care of them after all. We, at HelloDhobi, are doing away with make-believe cleaning tactics which have been ingrained in our minds and putting in better ways of taking care of our beloved garments. We encourage you to try out modern, scientific cleaning services – your dirty stained laundry will come back to you clean and fresh. Our gentle yet effective techniques ensure good care of your clothes making them look and feel as good as new while also elongating their life. Why scrub in frustration, when you can sit back, relax and let us do what we do best – your dirty laundry! #WeLoveYourDirtyLaundry

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