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Wash & Fold

Rs. 65 per kilogram

  • Multiple wash cycles with high quality detergent. Conditioner and softener included.

  • Separation of white, colour and dark clothes to ensure proper wash, along with pre-treatment if required.

  • We wash delicates, underwear and other such personal items. We do not wash certain items (like blankets, curtains or heavy kurtas) due to risk of damage.

  • Any items given for wrong service or damaged (even slight tears or holes) will be returned as is without being processed due to risk of damage.

  • Weighing will be done in front of you. Our billing is done in whole KGs – we allow a 25% tolerance.  Any weight going beyond 250 grams will be counted in the next kilogram.


Shirt at Rs. 6 per piece

T- shirt at Rs. 6 per piece

Pant at Rs. 6 per piece

Jeans at Rs. 6 per piece

Kurta at Rs. 6 per piece

Pyjama at Rs. 6 per piece

Shorts at Rs. 6 per piece

Boxer at Rs. 6 per piece

Top at Rs. 6 per piece

Dress at Rs. 10 per piece

Dress at Rs. 10 per piece

Suit (2pcs) at Rs. 100 per piece

Scarf at Rs. 6 per piece

Saree at Rs. 40 per piece

Bedsheet at Rs. 25 per piece

Skirt at Rs. 6 per piece

Dupatta at Rs. 6 per piece

Towel at Rs. 6 per piece

Napkin/Handkerchief at Rs. 6 per piece

Tie at Rs. 6 per piece

Underwear at Rs. 6 per piece

Vest at Rs. 6 per piece

Vest at Rs. 6 per piece

Suit (3pcs) at Rs. 125 per piece

Dry Clean

Additional charges may apply for fancy items if they needs special care. Updated price will be communicated once we inspect the item.

Shirt at Rs. 50 per piece

T-shirt at Rs. 50 per piece

Pant at Rs. 50 per piece

Jeans at Rs. 50 per piece

Skirt at Rs. 50 per piece

Single Blanket at Rs. 225 per piece

Double Blanket at Rs. 375 per piece

Jacket at Rs. 175 per piece

Special Jacket at Rs. 250 per piece

Blouse at Rs. 50 per piece

Salwar Suit at Rs. 125 per piece

Dress at Rs. 125 per piece

Sherwani at Rs. 250 per piece

Suit (3pcs) at Rs. 275 per piece

Tuxedo at Rs. 225 per piece

Waistcoat at Rs. 50 per piece

Apron at Rs. 50 per piece

Kurta at Rs. 50 per piece

Salwar at Rs. 50 per piece

Hoodie at Rs. 100 per piece

Saree – Embroidery at Rs. 200 per piece

Saree at Rs. 100 per piece

Sweater at Rs. 125 per piece

Leggings at Rs. 50 per piece

Single Bedsheet at Rs. 125 per piece

Double Bedsheet at Rs. 175 per piece

Blazer at Rs. 150 per piece

Choli at Rs. 75 per piece

Ghagra at Rs. 100 per piece

Suit (2pcs) at Rs. 225 per piece

Bags & Shoes

Regular Shoe at Rs. 200 per pair

Normal Bag at Rs. 225 per piece

Special Shoe at Rs. 300 per pair

Special Bag at Rs. 500 per piece


Subscribe in 2 steps – choose a base wash & fold pack, then add any optional ironing pack.


Rs. 749

Per Month

12 KG

Rs. 65 Rs. 62.5 per kg

LargeMost Popular

Rs. 1199

Per Month

20 KG

Rs. 65 Rs. 60 per kg


Rs. 2749

Per Month

50 KG

Rs. 65 Rs. 55 per kg

Mix and match any subscription with any ironing pack. Ironing packs not sold separately.


Rs. 125

Per Month

25 Pieces

Rs. 6 Rs. 5 per piece

LargeMost Popular

Rs. 225

Per Month

50 Pieces

Rs. 6 Rs. 4.5 per piece


Rs. 425

Per Month

100 Pieces

Rs. 6 Rs. 4.25 per piece

Free Delivery Terms

Free delivery for orders above Rs. 195

For all orders below Rs. 195, delivery charge of Rs. 40 will be applicable

Order value of Rs. 195 means:

  • 3 kilogram of  wash & fold

  • 33 regular pieces of ironing

  • 4 regular pieces of dry cleaning

  • Any combination of these

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