The HelloDhobi Experience: A Customer’s Diary

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A few months ago I came to this city of Pune to get an education.  I had never lived on my own before and this was a brilliant way of get out of my comfort zone and step into the rigma-role of daily chores. A week at the hostel went by rather smoothly.  A week and a half passed and now I was falling short of clothes and felt an urgent need to get my laundry done. The hostel laundry service was inefficient and the maushi’s never failed to “leave their” mark on our clothes. This is when for the first time I got introduced to the concept of HelloDhobi. Pamphlets were being distributed all over Viman Nagar and luckily I chose to pick up one of them.

Little did I know that this customer-company relationship would become a very close one.  At a price of 65 rupees per kg I gave my clothes to be washed and folded and to my surprise I got a discount on my first wash. This immediately helped me develop a liking towards the brand. My clothes were neatly tied up in blue ribbons and the sweet smell that came from them filled my hostel room.

A tiny message and chocolate made me feel even more special and I had surely made up my mind that they would be my saving grace for the next one year.

Ever since I became a frequent customer of HelloDhobi, their promptness and efficiency got the better of me and soon nearly all the girls in the hostel started getting their laundry done from them. The warm and customer friendly approach of HelloDhobi is what drew customers towards them.



A few months passed and I was still a loyal customer. I had started scheduling visits every week and this had now become a part of my routine. My first semester was about to end and I had just sent my last batch of laundry for this semester. My visit scheduled got two days late. Scheduled to leave for Mumbai the next day I panicked as I did not have any plans of visiting Pune in two months and did not want to leave without a few of my favourite clothes!

I started spamming HelloDhobi in every possible way, from Whatsapp to repeated calls so much so that I called up the delivery boy at 2 am and asked him to come deliver my laundry. I felt desperate and was almost sure that I was never getting my laundry back.

Until just by chance I happened to get in touch with the owner himself. I explained my condition to him and he was chivalrous enough to come and deliver my laundry at 2 am.

It is delightful feeling for any customer to receive such customer care. HelloDhobi indeed made my day and made me feel very special. Ever since I share a very special relation with company, so much so that despite of having a maid at home once in a while I still give me clothes to them for ironing.

Just recently a new batch has come to college who may be still figuring out their life in Pune and what they have to do with their dirty laundry.  I bet HelloDhobi will not fail to impress them  and will keep taking rounds of the girl’s hostel just as they used to.

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– Ananya Wagh


Symbiosis Center for Media & Communication, Pune

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