Why leave household items behind?

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Things that are used daily are often cleaned the least. How often do you wipe the kitchen floor with the same old cloth or change your curtains? How often are the stains from the table mats cleaned? We bet very rarely. A rag or a table mat is supposed to be dirty we argue, or that cleaning curtains is such a hassle. But did you realise even once, that the mats around you are gathering dust! Your expensive curtains might be moist or the kitchen rag with which you wipe your utensils might have been a home for cockroaches the previous night.



Just rinsing your kitchen rags in water with some soap isn’t enough, they can retain disease carrying germs and rotten organic matter.


We get our houses cleaned but often forget that these dirty items are way more hazardous for our health than the sweeping not done on a particular day. Rugs and mats are a home for dust and along with that a home for several infections that come along. While cockroaches and other insects that are attracted to the kitchen rags and the diseases the spread could land you up in the hospital.

So why would you want to take a chance with this unhygienic mess? Instead just get your household items cleaned on a regular basis.

The problem only arises when cleaning mats, rugs, curtains etc is difficult and you are not able to find anyone to do it for you easily. So why wait and wonder any longer, as we are here and we now offer to clean all these items. Say hello to HelloDhobi and we will be pleased to be at your service. Don’t think twice and trust us; schedule your pick up now and get all these items cleaned at super easily and at reasonable rates!

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